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Specializing in Heavy Duty
Custom-Made Trailers

Material Handling Pup

    14 foot Close Tandem, Rigid Tongue Trailer


* Reyco/Granning and Hutch Suspensions
* Dana Spicer and IMT Axles 5/8 inch Wall Rated at 22,500 lbs.
* Sliding Winches with Straps
* ABS Brake System
* 11R22.5" or 255.70R 22.5" Tires
* Hub Piloted Wheels
* 16.5" X 7" Brakes
* FMVSS 108 Lighting
* Reflective Tape
* 48" Bulkhead
* Deck Length from 14' to 20'
* Tread-plate Steel Deck
* Rear Impact Bumper Conforms to FMVSS 223 Standards
* Structural Steel Cross-members

     Hinged Tongue, 5/8 inch Chain with Hooks, and Ratchet Lift

    16 foot 6 inch Brick / Block Trailer with Rigid Tongue 

    Front and Rear Bulkheads, 1 inch Tapered Wood Bed to Center

    14 foot Close Tandem, Rigid Tongue with Tread-plate Floor

    16 foot 6 inch Brick / Block Trailer  (Top View)

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