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Wisconsin Trailers
Series 700

"Our straight deck tagalongs... choose from 10 to 20 ton payloads"

When you need maximum flat deck area in a tagalong, our 700 Series is the way to go. With an 8 ft. wide, 20 ft. long platform you have the space for hauling loaders, trenchers, and crawler tractors with front or rear mounted attachments. In addition, with this extra deck area you can position your equipment further forward to obtain more load transfer onto the tow unit axles. Result: compliance with axle load limit laws and smoother straight-line trailering. The 700’s suspension hugging design and long deck also gives you one of lowest straight deck loading angles you can buy. It’s an “easy up” and “easy down” with hydraulic platform cushioning while loading or unloading. It takes only one man to load or unload. Making rig handling easy, and shuttling between jobs fast. It adds to your “up time” every week… more than pays for itself. In the 700, there is no compromise with quality. It’s built for the “long haul” with an extra rugged frame, deep section man beams, and straight-thru cross beams.

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Standard Equipment

Includes first-line tires, heavy duty brakes on all wheels, hydraulic platform controller(s), oil wheel seals on all 12-1/4” x 7-1/2” brakes (optional on smaller brakes), walking beam suspension, 2” (5cm) select hardwood decking, safety chains with hooks, two lashing bars each side, convenient screw type, 7,000 lb. Capacity, swing-back parking stand, adjustable pintle eye hitch, complete lighting systems, mud flaps, emergency breakaway feature, 7-way electrical plug, enamel finish and under-chassis rust proofed, full 8 ft. wide deck.

Optional Equipment

Extra deck length, extra deck width, 7 ft. long tongue, heavy duty tongue stand with 10,000 lb. capacity, wheel well covers, toolbox (inside of tongue with cover), chrome rims, and special paint, plus many more!

Extra heavy walking beams

Rugged. Heavy steel box section walking beams oscillate independently on the pivot shaft's Ryer-tex bushings. Large stub axles are made of specially formulated steel. Heavy duty spring suspension is also available as an option.

For more information please contact our sales representatives at or call 1-800-659-7821.
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